Consider this sentences:

This is the best ever song that I've heard.

This is the best song ever that I've heard.

Which of them is correct? How should we combine "best ever" and a noun in general. I searched on the internet and only found "best song ever" combination.

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As a native BrE speaker I wouldn't use either of those. I would say:

'This is the best song I've ever heard'

I'm not sure if the two examples you have are grammatically incorrect, as such (I could see those sentences constructed like that - or at least understand what was meant). They just don't seem very idiomatic to me as a BrE speaker.

'This is the best [x] ever!'

Without the 'that I've heard' the second one would be very idiomatic to say in conversation.

best ever [x]

I (personally) wouldn't use this type of phrasing - at least not in speech.

'This [x] is the best ever'

I would phrase it like this (or just 'This is the best ever' if it's understood what this is),

(Again as a native BrE speaker - I'm unsure about other jurisdictions)

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