I have the following sentence:

It shows up when any organization or preset settings are saved.

It uses any with a singular noun (organization) then comes a plural noun (settings), should be followed by 'are saved'? Or should I rephrase to:

It shows up when any organization or preset setting is saved.

  • The verb follows the closest noun. In theory, because settings is plural, it should are. But in reality the sentence should be rephrased so as to avoid the awkwardness. – Jason Bassford Nov 9 '19 at 13:40
  • Also note that in the first you are talking about a (plural) collection of settings and in the second about a (singular) setting. – simon at rcl Nov 9 '19 at 17:24
  • So if I would need to use settings in plural, how could I rephrase it? – user33276346 Nov 12 '19 at 12:23

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