Is this correct that we can't say. "I am hearing the sound" gramatically because 'hear' is a state verb but,'i hear the sound',is correct. But can i say that 'i hear the sound' is a continous tense sentence. Even though it has no +ing form in it.

  • This is difficult, because 'I can hear [the tap dripping in the kitchen]' is the usual idiomatic choice. Punctive (notionally happening in an instant {in practice, a short time: Jill hit Jack / They climbed the peak}) vs durative (notionally lasting a length of time: Winter was drawing on / They were climbing the peak) are probably better ways to look at duration of events / processes. Both "I am hearing a faint whining sound" (durative) and "I heard a gunshot" (punctive) are quite acceptable. Commented Nov 10, 2019 at 16:21

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Both are correct, depending on the context. For example, if asked to, "Tell me when you can hear something as I change the volume," you could respond, "I'm hearing the sound now." ["Now" is optional, but often used in this context.]

However, throughout your question, you've ignored capitalization of the personal pronoun, "I". That is unacceptable in written English.

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