Do you like hamburger or do you like a hamburger ? Do you like orange or do you like an orange ? Which one of these above is correct ?

Do we have to use a / an/ the articles after "like" or not ?


The use of an article depends on context:

  • If asking about eating one now, use, "Would you like an orange?" with the article.
  • If asking one's general preference, use, "Do you like oranges?" plural, sans article.

Since uncooked ground/chopped meat, AKA "hamburger", is uncountable, like water, but when used with the indefinite article, it changes meaning to (countable) cooked patties, the questions would be a bit different:

  • If asking about eating a cooked patty now, use, "Would you like a hamburger?" with the article.
  • If asking one's general preference for cooked ground meat patties, use, "Do you like hamburgers?" plural, sans article.
  • If asking one's general preference for ground meat, use, "Do you like hamburger?" singular, sans article.

Sorry about any confusion engendered with countable vs. uncountable nouns. sigh

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