Is there a simple way or words to describe someone or some websites always make wrong prediction to the future outcome?

Like if he/it says some tennis player is going to win, then we think that player is probably going to lose.

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    So rather than unreliable, they're reliably incorrect? – snailcar May 10 '14 at 8:31
  • @snailplane Yeah, and I want to choose your comment as answer! – CYC May 10 '14 at 14:30

I admit. I could not find a single term for this. One of the phrases that I would use here is not wrong prediction but...

bad predictor - Ah, don't believe him, he is a bad predictor or ...don't believe that website, it's a bad predictor.


You might try this term:

A false prognosticator.


His/Her/Their predictions are always wrong.


His/Her/Their predictions always turn out wrong.

which is usually a symptom of people

not knowing what they are talking about.

All of these expression are quite common. Of course the last one doesn't have a lot to do with predictions, but it's related.


Also you can use this eg. "they generally get wrong with their predictions/assumptions..you should be more cautios about their predictions.

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