I have a sentence which is "He said false sentence". Does this sentence Sound NATURAL? How can I create the most natural version of it using the words in the quotation marks? Ps: It meant to say his sentence was not correct. Thanks in advance for the answers.


Sentence is a countable noun, so requires an article in the singular. It is usually used only when we are talking about the language - the specific words and grammar - not about the meaning.

Say usually takes as object either a that clause, or a direct quotation, or something (usually followed by a qualification or relative clause). Examples:

He said that he was not coming.

He said "That's wrong".

He said something [that] I didn't understand.

Following it with another kind of noun phrase (as "a false sentence") is not idiomatic.

You probably want:

He said something false.


He made a false statement.

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