"Very" is commonly used to put emphasis on adjectives, like :

I think you're very strong.

But I noticed there are sometimes other usages, such as this sentence I came across :

With or without you I just feel the very same way.

Is this type of usage correct in everyday language ?

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It is good for common language, and for everyday, I think, too. Some examples of using "very" same way:

  • “The very same.”
  • ‘The very same,’ I said.
  • Men do the very same thing.
  • And at that very same moment!
  • The very same night?”
  • “The very same, sir.”
  • Everything is the same, the very same as it was, once upon a time.
  • I knew that very same feeling.
  • He had been thinking the very same thing.
  • I was only this moment thinking the very same thing.”
  • “I’ve been thinking the very same thing.”
  • “Exactly—the very same.”
  • In fact, though, she wasn’t afraid, and for that very same reason.
  • On and on they went, and I wondered those very same questions a hundred times over during break.
  • Whatever it was, it was surely the very same.
  • "Well we were going to ask you that very same question, first off why is > your front door locked?
  • I'm asking you the very same question.
  • Then he kissed me again the very same way.
  • “Hey, I asked the chief that very same thing.
  • Thank you that was helpful !
    – Sigma
    Nov 20, 2019 at 16:47
  • I'm glad to help! Thank you for your thanking!
    – sayfriend
    Nov 20, 2019 at 17:41

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