What should happen to someone who _____ convicted of murder?

The options are

  • has
  • get
  • gets

I translated it but the three options has sense in Spanish.

Which word is correct in this sentence and why?


The correct answer from those options would be "gets", although personally I would use either "has been" or "is".


Your translations probably won't help, because the differences are grammatical rather than semantic.

You need the verb phrase to be passive (it is the court of law which convicts the accused), so the auxiliary must be be or (more informally) get.

The auxiliary get is not a modal (eg can, may, should), so it must agree with the subject. The subject is presumably singular, so gets is the choice that fits.

Incidentally, traduce in your title is a false friend: the word you want is translate. Traduce means "to speak maliciously and falsely of; slander; defame: eg to traduce someone's character." (dictionary.com)

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