What is the difference in meaning between the following sentence?

I am in church.

I am in a church.

I am at church.

I am at a church.

I am aware that in a church means being inside the building called church. And being at church can mean near a church or inside church. And being at church means being in attendance in your local church. What is the difference between in church and at church?

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"In church" and "at church" both idiomatically mean that you are attending a church service. It may also be assumed that you are at the church you normally attend. The word "church" can refer to a specific building, but it can also refer to the religious organisation as a whole.

"In a church" means that you inside a church building. As it uses the indefinite article, it could be any church building at all.

"At a church" means you are in the general vicinity of a church building - possibly inside it, but possibly just outside. Again, it could be any church.

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