Which one is correct and why? When does use How or What? And Does it need to use "Does" or doesn't?

What does this song called? or How does this song called?

What does this game call? or How does this game call?

What is this game called? or How is this game called?

  • I don't know the prior or the latter context, but quite 100% sure the first one is entirely and without any question is against the grammar of English. I want the OP to improve the q personally. – user17814 Nov 30 '19 at 15:39
  • You need to do some research on: How to ask questions in English. – Lambie Nov 30 '19 at 19:12

Only one is correct, and that would be

What is this game called?

Since does is a "helping" verb to an other existing verb in the sentence, there is just no place for it in here. For example,

What do you call this game?

There needs to be some sort of "helping" verb in order for you to construct said question. Omitting that, you would not be able to form a grammatically correct question.

Additionally, the basic difference between what and how is that using what you are asking on the goal and using how is asking on the journey to said goal. Put it simply,

What did you achieve?

Would be question on specific final result, contrasting which

How did you achieve it?

Is asking on the "steps" that led to mentioned result.

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