Unfortunately for the third seed, though, she gifted the break straight back and Sharapova also took the next two games to round off victory in littleover an hour.Earlier, Halep booked her place in her first ever final of a mandatory event after outlasting Kvitova after over two-and-a-half hours on court."It was a very tough match today. I couldn't believe that. I came from behind again. She played really well and she was fighting the whole match," said Halep."I'm very excited that I can play in my biggest final tomorrow. I hope that I can control my emotions and just play.


What does "gifted it straight back" mean here?

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To gift something means to make a gift of something: to gift something back, like give something back, means to return a gift which someone has given/gifted you.

In this context, right means approximately immediately. Halep immediately surrendered the advantage of serving which she had just won from Sharapova, making her a gift of the 'break', the change of service.

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