using Google show both sentences have been used. Which one is more correct?

a more detailed example:

  • Does stats show who read my mail
  • Do the stats show who read my mail

Simple Do vs Does Corrections

Stats is a short colloquial form of the word statistics. It is the plural version, withe the singular version being simply stat. In this type of question use does if you will use a singular or do with a plural.

Does the stat show who read my mail? Do the stats show who read my mail?

These are both correct and depend on what you are talking about.

Using The vs These

As Damkerng T. mentions using "these" instead of "the" can make the sentence more clear.

Do these stats show who read my mail?

This sentence is better if you are talking about a specific set of statistics. For example: if you are pointing to a Google Analytics page and were asking your systems administrator about what the statistics mean.

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