Let's say I am at a barbershop and a barber is cutting my hair. Is it natural to say the following?

I am having my hair cut.

What I am trying to say that at the moment a barber is cutting my hair. If the sentence is correct, would it mean the same if I said the following?

I have my hair being cut.

  • The first sentence is correct. The second is wrong. But you could say: My hair is being cut. Commented Dec 2, 2019 at 23:00

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Is it natural to say the following?

Let's say you just got a phone call, and you want to tell the caller what you are doing at the moment.

Your first option

I am having my hair cut.

is natural and grammatical. The following are commonly used too (See this Ngram).

"I am getting my hair cut", "I am having a haircut", "I am having my hair done", and "I am getting a haircut"

As Ronald Sole said in the comment, you could say it in the passive voice: "My hair is being cut". I personally think the passive form (saying this exact sentence over the phone to the caller) is better suited for a situation when you are in agony - you don't want to have your hair cut, but you are being made to.

Your second option "I have my hair being cut" is not idiomatic (at least I have not heard anyone say that).

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