Most people would say it’s impossible and I include the most greatly successful among us ________ probably these people

  • A) such as
  • B) which are
  • C) who are

Which ones are correct and which ones aren’t?

Which one of them would a native say?

Thank you.

  • Is there any context afterwards? – SovereignSun Dec 3 at 5:57
  • No just that , but does your comment mean that which can be a correct way to referring to people in that sentence – Mohammed Dec 3 at 6:02
  • Which mostly refers to things, but I heard it being used to refer to people too. However, I avoid doing so and instead prefer to use "who". I can't answer your question since this sentence is awkward and without context I am afraid to give a wrong answer. My suspicion is that "who are" is the correct choice. – SovereignSun Dec 3 at 6:06
  • Okay I’ll edit the question to give it more context – Mohammed Dec 3 at 6:08
  • None of the three options make any sense to me. – TypeIA Dec 3 at 7:56

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