Rhea Perlman, diminutive Cheers bartendress (and queen of spades), has been caught cavorting with the seven-foot-seven Sudanese basketball star Manute Bol (seven of clubs) in a highly explicit (and in this case, anatomically improbable) two-digit act of congress (three of clubs). (For more, see here)

I've tried too many times to understand it, googled it and still don't understand fully this sentence.

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This is a fairly thick pun. An "act of Congress" most commonly refers to a law passed by the legislative branch of the United States Government. Here though, it means a sexual activity ("sexual congress" is an old-fashioned name for sex).

The specific activity is probably mutual oral sex, for which "69" (a two-digit number) is common slang. This also explains the "anatomical improbability" since a large height difference between partners makes this activity more difficult.

  • Ah ha! Much better answer than mine! (I should have tried a few more assumptions...) Dec 3, 2019 at 12:47

Where on earth did you read this?

In this context 'act of congress' probably means some sort of sexual act, and digit would mean fingers.

Beyond that, as Newton said, I make no assumptions.

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