"I shall certainly hoodwink the archbishop, and how I shall enjoy doing it!"

This is a quote known to be said by Mozart. A couple of books on him have this sentence somewhere in them.

What confuses me is the latter part of the sentence, how I shall enjoy doing it.

To me, neither is that grammatically right nor does it make sense to me, unless I assume that has the same meaning as how shall I enjoy doing it.

Or is there a different way to translate it?


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    How I shall is an exclamation. It is not a question. And note the sentence ends with an exclamation mark! Nov 30, 2019 at 5:25
  • ... and boy am I going to enjoy doing it! (Which I suppose is no help ...) How about "And I am really going to enjoy doing it"
    – Jim
    Nov 30, 2019 at 18:27
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"How I shall enjoy doing it!" is not a question, it is an exclamatory sentence. This kind of sentence is used for emphasis - here it means "I will enjoy it very much!"

In questions the auxiliary verb comes before the main verb:

"How shall I enjoy doing it?"

This could mean the person doubts that they will enjoy doing something, and is asking how they might be able to enjoy it.

In exclamatory sentences the word order is like an ordinary sentence, with auxiliary verb first and main verb second:

How I shall enjoy doing it!

What a beautiful sunset that was!

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    The grammar of "How I shall enjoy doing it!" is the same as "I shall enjoy doing it!" with "How" for emphasis. Then it's easy to understand it's not a question "Shall I enjoy doing it?" / "How shall I enjoy doing it?", where "how" is not used for emphasis but is part of the question.
    – CJ Dennis
    Dec 1, 2019 at 1:22

"How shall I" is a question, "how i shall" isn't. The latter can mean something like, "I will really enjoy doing it". It's almost like a rhetorical question, "how much is it that I shall enjoy doing it? Obviously a lot"

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