Is it okay to use "I have" 2 times in the same sentence in this case?

I have a class I have to teach.

I have a meeting I have to attend.

I have a book I have to read.

To me it would sound much better if I added "need" instead of "have" to the end of the sentence, but just out of curiosity. Is this okay grammaticality? And if not, why?

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    Have you considered the shorter versions of 1 and 2: "I have a class to teach" and "I have a meeting to attend"?
    – AIQ
    Dec 7, 2019 at 2:30

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Your sentences are grammatical and idiomatic.

"Have to" is a phrasal verb having the same meaning as the modal "must." If you do not recognize that equivalence instantaneously, you will have difficulty parsing the sentence, particularly because a relative pronoun is implied rather than stated.

I have a class I have to teach

I have a class that I have to teach

I have a class I must teach

I have a class that I must teach

All mean the same thing.

It is true that many would use "need," but that sometimes has a slightly different meaning than "have to."


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