Should I use same before noun always ? I mean can I use it after noun ? Like ;

I have the same computer as yours


I have the computer same as yours.

  • After the noun it has to be [a computer] the same as yours. The first example should be I have the same computer as you [have]. Dec 7, 2019 at 15:41

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The second sentence could only be understood as

I have the computer (which is the) same as yours.

It is quite common to hear sentences like

I have a red jacket, same as you.

And meaning that I am the same as you in this. It means "...and you have a red jacket too".

Your example sentence might be understood, but isn't very good or clear English. You should avoid using "same" after the noun in such situations. It would be better to say

I have the same computer as you.

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