In the following sentence I am confused about the exact function of being + used

We see the internet being used in many places.

My analysis is as follows: Subject = We , Verb = see, Object = the internet, and in many places = prep' phrase being used as an adverb.

Is being used part of the object. Is it a passive construction. I'M CONFUSED


We see the internet being used in many places.

We can say that this is a more concise form of:

We see that the internet is being used in many places.

We - Active subject

See - Active verb

Internet - Object

Is being used - Passive verb

In many places - Complement

Passive voice is always object + verb to be + past participle

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    Except the words is and that don't appear in the first sentence, which is surely the semantic equivalent of the second sentence. Might "being used" be the present passive participle modifying internet? Consider "The internet being used in many places is dangerous." This has the same structure as "The internet of 2019 is dangerous." (I also think "in many places" is an adjunct and not a complement because the phrase isn't necessary to complete the thought.) – user105719 Dec 13 '19 at 6:50

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