Let's say I need a pen. Is appropriet to use give when asking someone for it to use for some time? For example:

Can you give me your pen?


Sometimes, the context will be such that your example wouldn't be taken as a rude / peremptory "demand". But often it would be, so I suggest you avoid it and ask instead...

Can/Could I borrow your pen?
Will/Would you lend me your pen?
Can/Might/May I use your pen?

Obviously if you want to be absolutely sure your utterance is seen more as a polite request than as an imperative demand, you should also include "the magic word" (Please).

Also note that although native speakers sometimes ask to be given something even when it's only needed temporarily (and will shortly be returned), as a non-native speaker you should probably avoid this. Stick with lend or similar to avoid unwanted misunderstandings.

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