What is the difference between this "the day" and "per day" before?

It happened per day before this(something).

It happened the day before this(something).

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"Per" and "The" are very different words. As a result, your first example makes no sense at all, to the extent that I cannot offer an alternative!

Your second example is better; without knowing the full context, I would probably alter it to: "(Something) happened the day before this."

  • How would you use "per"? any sentence
    – Boyep
    Commented Dec 17, 2019 at 14:49
  • 1
    I am paid ten dollars per day Commented Dec 17, 2019 at 15:51
  • 1
    "My speed was ten miles per hour."
    – MikeB
    Commented Dec 18, 2019 at 10:15
  • 1
    @Boyep The meaning of the first sentence is clear: it happened each / every day before this. What's left out is the number of times it happened. For instance, it happened twice per day before this or it happened four times per day before this. Commented Dec 21, 2019 at 17:10

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