1. Is there any difference between go over there, come over there, come there, come here, go there, go here, go over and come over.
  2. If it’s appropriate I ask customer “please come to the line at the counter to pay”,”please wait in that line at the counter.”?

Thanks a lot for anyone who could explain these to me.


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go over there: Is correct, and used when you tell somebody standing next to you to go somewhere further away.

come over there: Wrong... You can say come over here, if you want somebody to come to a place located next to you.

go there: is rather slang form for go over there;

go here: not English, not logical. You can say go there or yet better go over there go over: Wrong... say: go over there. come over: Wrong... say: come over here.

“please come to the line at the counter to pay”: This is fine in the sense that it's English, but not natural. I may say: You may pay at the counter over there (smiling, of course), or more politely, would you please pay at the counter over there.

Hope this helps...

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