What does "pallias" mean in the passage:

UNCLE PAT. Cow Gum! Now there’s a scent to stir the soul. September, nineteen hundred and eleven… I was seven years old. Pat, Maggie, Arthur, Frank and me, all sharing a pallias in the stable, with fourteen cousins. It was one of those magical, crisp mornings when the sun rises and softens all the sharp edges of the world.

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    Usually spelled 'palliasse' where I come from, a straw mattress. Dec 27, 2019 at 6:58

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Maybe some letters are lost?

From Oxford ALD:

pal·li·asse [palliasse palliasses]
BrE [ˈpæliæs] NAmE [pælˈjæs]

a cloth bag filled with straw, used for sleeping on
Syn: pallet


Word Origin: early 16th cent. (originally Scots): from French paillasse, based on Latin palea ‘straw’.


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