How can I ask my optician for an eyes check for myself in proper English. I am thinking something along the line of

Can I have my eyes checked?


I would like to have an eyes check, please.

What would be a natural and grammatically correct way to ask?

English is not my primary language. So, I am not sure what is the most appropriate way to ask.

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    Why the down votes? Chris, please visit English Language Learners also, you may find it useful to you as an non-native speaker of English.
    – Kris
    May 13, 2014 at 15:15
  • Please note that english is the "spinning or rotary motion given to a ball around the vertical axis, as in billiards or bowling". The language is English, with a capital E. A completely different word.
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Your first phrase is correct. The second one is close, but you would say:

I would like to have an eye check, please.

instead. You could also say:

I'd like to have my eyes tested.
Can I have an eye test.

Note that even though you want both eyes checked, it is called an eye check or eye test.

I'd like to get my prescription checked.

In this case, your "prescription" is the information that the test produces. Your prescription is used to find appropriate glasses for you.

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