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I don't understand what is snarl of bramble from

If you draw many loops containing a large number of points, most of the loops will overlap and tangle like a snarl of brambles.

from the context, they are talking about sets of points that intersect each other. snarl means like contorted? and brambles is like brushes?


To snarl means as verbs

1 : to cause to become knotted and intertwined : TANGLE

2 : to make excessively complicated

Snarl means as a noun is

1 : a tangle especially of hairs or thread : KNOT 2 : a tangled situation traffic snarls

Bramble is a kind of plant.

Snarl of brambles means that a situation branches of brambles are intertwined or knotted.

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  • Bramble is a thorny plant which tends to root wherever the branches touch the ground. – Kate Bunting Dec 29 '19 at 16:43

These brambles are snarled (tangled together). They are a snarl of brambles.

enter image description here

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