I'm looking for an adjective that implies that a description of a complex and intricate event enables different people to envision that event and ascribe more or less the same features to it.

Example sentence:
It should be possible to provide a ADJECTIVE HERE description that allows the different, unrelated, and dispersed experiencers and aspirants to form a relatively coherent picture of the event.

NOTE, adjectives such as these here below are excluded:

  • precise
  • detailed
  • rich
  • all-encompassing
  • profound

Thanks for any conducive input!

  • Intricate? Full? Telling?
    – sara
    Commented Dec 31, 2019 at 14:57

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I doubt that there is an adjective that conveys that complex concept. Sometimes you need more than one word to convey a thought; otherwise any book longer than one word would be verbose and redundant.

But "universally comprehensible" or "humanly comprehensible" should work.

By the way, and this is an unsolicited opinion, I do not think "coherent" expresses your intended thought: please consider "consistent." And the phrase "different, unrelated, and dispersed experiencers and aspirants" sounds like pretentious jargon. As I decipher what you are trying to say, I get to

It should be possible to provide a description that all aspirants, whatever their different experiences and cultural backgrounds, would interpret consistently.

as being most likely, but I cannot be sure

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