Links are created using the element which has an attribute called href.

I don't understand how they put "using" verb after "created". If it's a kind of reduced structure, how does it work?. Because I saw many times the term "created using" but I do not understand. Please help me and solve my question. Thanks a lot.

  • The element is used to create the links. The links are created [by] using the element. Does this make it clearer? – Kate Bunting Jan 1 '20 at 10:33

Using the element which has an attribute called href is a gerund clause functioning as an adverb, giving detail about the verb created.


Using certain elements [noun phrase and subject] is quite difficult.

  • Men are seen fishing along the riverbank.
  • Fishing along the riverbank [noun phrase] is something he never does.

  • The work was done creating a shell [noun phrase]

  • Creating a shell [noun phrase] is easy.

When you have a passive action verb, it can be followed by a noun phrase.

  • They were silenced using a water gun.

  • We were moved [affected] seeing the children play.

  • The children were caught being themselves.

which has etc. can be placed after the noun phrase:

Creating a shell which works well is easy.

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