If after having a dinner with friends then I hope to walk outside with them.
how can i say?

is it right to say 'Let's saunter after dinner' or 'Let's go for a walk after dinner' or other ?

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    Native speakers would understand, but might think it strange, and assume you were a non-native-speaker who had seen 'saunter' in a book. – Michael Harvey Jan 1 at 12:04
  • @Michael Harvey thanks! – Wei Jan 1 at 12:13

If you are making the suggestion after dinner, Let's go for a walk is all you need.

Other ways of saying the same thing are: Shall we go for a walk? / Do you fancy a walk? / Do you feel like a walk?

If you have are making the suggestion either before or during dinner, you might say: Let's go for a walk after dinner.

Note Michael Harvey's comment above.

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  • thanks,it's awesome. – Wei Jan 1 at 12:12
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    To saunter is to walk in a slow, relaxed fashion, often with no particular destination in mind. It is a style or manner of walking. When suggesting a walk, we don't often specify the manner in which the walking is to be done. – Michael Harvey Jan 1 at 12:28

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