I experienced a weird dream.

The experience means to have and be aware of a particular emotion or physical feeling. When I wrote something, I expressed sentence like above.

By the way, someone told me that I had better change the expression into 'in dream'.

Isn't the word of 'experience' suitable for the sentence expression?


The most common verbs used with "a dream" are "to have", then "to be". Third on the list is "to dream" but it's much lower:

enter image description here

"To experience" is not a verb that most native users would choose:

enter image description here

"dreamed a dream" was used 14 times as often as "experienced a dream" in 2000. "had a dream" was used 360 times as often and together all of the more popular choices in the results were used 1250 times more often as "experienced a dream". Most native speakers would say "I had a weird dream".

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