I am not a native speaker. I found that it is easier for me to say this to my daughter when we go out "Sweetie, please put on your top / bottoms" than "Sweetie, please put on your Tshirt / shirt / tank top / pants / shorts..." because I don't have to think what specific kinds of tops and bottoms she should put on & it is up to her to choose what to put on.

are "put on your top / bottoms" more common than "put on your Tshirt / shirt / tank top / pants / shorts ..." in English in casual daily situations?

In Ngram, "put on your shirt" is much more common than "put on your top"

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Though both are common, I think may depend on the gender. While shirts are common with men, females may go with top as they have more varieties. Seldom we hear that He was wearing a nice top. More common is He was wearing a nice shirt.

  • In British English top is commonly used of female garments, for the reason Maulik gives. I don't think bottoms is so widely used, probably because of the other connotations of the word. Clothing catalogues do refer to pyjama bottoms and tracksuit bottoms, but it wouldn't be used of trousers in general. Jan 2, 2020 at 10:07

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