I know that we can say go grocery shopping, go clothes shopping when you want to buy groceries and clothes.

Can I say I am gonna go Amazon shopping when I want to buy stuff on Amazon?

(I'm not buying Amazon.)

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In your case, at least, it would be understood. So, "I'm going to go Amazon shopping" is well understood in the context of buying something online. Nevertheless, I'm going to shop on Amazon would be more idiomatic.

When brands become immensely popular, anything would work! The proper nouns become verbs! In future, who knows, you may amazon something? The way we google. But mind it, you then drop the capitalization of it.

Nevertheless, if you want to use it, you may drop 'shopping' as it'd be redundant. You google the term rather google search the term.


It's an interesting question. On the one hand, phrases like "to go fishing" and "to go shopping" generally involve going somewhere, and shopping on Amazon can be done in pajamas, without physically going anywhere. On the other hand, this phrase can be found in natural use on the internet.

I guess it depends on your own tolerance level for bending the rules. A purist would avoid "to go Amazon shopping" but would be okay with other formulations, such as "to do some Amazon shopping" or "to start [or finish] one's Amazon shopping."

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