The statement above does not have 'to' before the destination. We can write 'going home' without 'to'. Where else can we skip 'to'?

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    Add a comma after going and you'd have a grammatical sentence telling the shopping mall that you're leaving. In AuE (and BrE and probably AmE), you'll need "to the" before shopping mall to get what you're after. – Lawrence Jan 2 at 4:34
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    “We are going shopping at the mall” “We are going to the mall” – Jim Jan 2 at 5:08
  • We can also skip 'to' when going in, out, up, down, through, around etc. – Old Brixtonian Jan 2 at 5:36
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    No, the sentence is not correct. It is not grammatical and it is not idiomatic. – Nigel J Jan 2 at 6:57
  • We can speak of going abroad or overseas. – Kate Bunting Jan 2 at 8:55

If you leave off "mall" then the sentence is correct: We are going shopping. Otherwise, @Lawrence is correct, you would need "to the" before "shopping mall".

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