In case of a couple lovers that slept together at night. Which phrase is more idiomatic to ask each other at the morning while waking up?

Good morning honey:) How was your sleep (at night)? (sleep as a noun)


Good morning honey:) How did you sleep (at night)? (sleep as verb)


Good morning honey:) How have you been sleeping (at night)?


Good morning honey:) How have you slept (at night)?

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The most common way to ask someone how they slept is the following

Did you sleep well?

A lover might also tag the following effusion "darling", "my love", "my sweet", "honey" etc.

From the ThoughtCo website here are other ways of greeting someone when you wake up in the morning

Good morning
I hope you had a good night's sleep.
I hope you got some good rest.
Did you sleep well?
Did you get a good night's sleep?
I slept well, how about you?
How did you sleep?
Rise and shine.

One of the OP's suggestions “How did you sleep?” is also listed.

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