'Many images, including some of the attack on social workers, have been shot up close, making you feel involved in what they show.'

With 'some' I mean some images. Is this clear or would you read it as some of the attack?

  • I'm not a native speaker, but I did read that part one more time, I believe. Perhaps you could replace some with those, or write some depicting/portraying/etc. the attack instead of some of the attack. I think the wording's natural enough, and it quite possibly might have been just my fault reading too quickly. – user3395 Jan 4 at 19:09

I think the problem is that 'some of the attack' stands too well on it's own and that makes it confusing.

I would say it's correct, but, I would rework the sentence so that it has the 'some' closer to 'images' e.g. 'some of the images of A were B, making you C.

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