In the movie Flight Plan (2005) , when the pilot was directing his crew to look for Jodie Foster's daughter , he said sth like , " get the lights up..." . I want to know the meaning of the phrase . Does it mean turning on the lights? I am afraid , I may have misheard it. Pls help.

  • We'll need more context. It could refer to placing physical lights on poles; it could refer to turning dimmable lights to their highest illumination.
    – user105719
    Jan 6, 2020 at 7:22

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Flightplan 2005 Script

I was holding her hand when we took off.
You've got to help her.
Get the lights up.
Get every passenger seated.
No one in the toilets. No exception.

So the pilot is directing someone to make the lights brighter. Normally they would say "turn the lights on", but there are always some lights on in a plane and they can be turned "up" or "down", brighter or dimmer. So more often it would be "turn the lights up".

Since the context is someone giving orders, the word "get" is stronger and more demanding than "turn", which gives more urgency and importance to the action.

"Get the lights up!" = A command to make lights brighter with urgency.


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