what is the difference between "chase" and "chase down"??

chasing a daydream

chasing down a daydream

I think there is no difference in meaning.

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Chase down is a phrasal verb meaning:

  1. to follow and catch (someone or something):

    Police chased down the robber in an alley.

  2. to search for and find (someone or something):

    I finally chased down that recipe I promised you. I chased him down at his old hangout.

Whereas, Chase is a word which could be used in different ways.

As a verb:

  1. pursue in order to catch or catch up with: police chased the stolen car through the city
  2. seek the company of(a member of the opposite sex) in an obvious way: he spends all his free time chasing girls

As a noun:

  1. an act of pursuing someone or something: they captured the youths after a brief chase

In a nutshell, one is just a word, but together it becomes a phrasal verb.

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