Are both these sentences correct, and is one of them better than the other for everyday language ?

I raised my score.


I increased my score.

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    both are correct, I would prefer increase probably because raise has variety of meanings. – Sandeep Kumar Jan 7 at 15:09

They are both valid.

I would prefer "increased" for everyday usage, as it feels more quantitative. To me, "raised" can imply a more physical raising, or, a non-incremental raising, e.g., "raising the bar", which is often used to mean setting a higher standard, but is based on the idea of physically raising a bar. "Raise" is generally less quantitative and more qualitative.

  • Raise isn't always "more physical raising". Idiomatically, it's always raise my game, where it's effectively synonymous with improve [my performance at the game] - and nobody ever refers to a need to increase their game. – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica Jan 7 at 17:01
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    I see what you mean; I was attempting to describe it as being qualitative as opposed to quantitative, and thought physicality seemed liked a good analogy, or that it has a similar feel. I've changed my answer a bit so I'm not claiming that physical aspect so exclusively. – Chris Mack Jan 7 at 17:08

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