What's the name of the part of the zipper you grasp in order to unzip the zipper - specifically, the small dangling part that sometimes snaps off if the zipper is poor quality, making you unable to open or close it?

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Image of zipper parts http://www.stanssewingsupplies.com/catalogs/store.asp?pid=252488

The part you grasp is called the zipper pull. The strings sometimes added to the tab are also called zipper pulls. To help with questions like this in the future I found the results by searching for "zipper parts".

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    Interesting question and an interesting answer. Personally, I had no idea what it was called. Lesson learned and thank you. So, here's an example of how this is typically used: "My zipper pull got bent." "What the heck is a zipper pull?" "Oh, it's the thingie that you pull on when you're zipping the zipper." :)
    – BobRodes
    May 14, 2014 at 19:23

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