I have confusion in a sentence.

If restaurants sell pizza, their sales will double.

or, If restaurants sell pizza, their sales will be doubled.

  1. Will / will be which one is correct and why?

  2. their sales why we use verb(sale)+s? Although the subject is restaurants which is clearly a plural form of restaurant.

Thank you.

  • For the "active" hypothetical / future tense (their sales will double) only the "unmarked infinitive" (double) is syntactically valid. Alternatively, there's the "adjectival" version (their sales will be double - adjectivally describing the future state of sales). OR the "passive" version (their sales will be doubled) - where the Past Participle specifies what will be done to sales (by the act of selling pizza). – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica Jan 14 at 16:41

A "sale" is a noun in this context, meaning the event of selling something - in this specific context it refers in a general way to the money made from the sale, i.e. "Sales" means "the total amount of money made from all of the sales".

Sales will double. ("double" is a verb)

This refers to the process of that amount doubling, more transactions/sales, etc.

Sales will be double. ("double" is an adjective)

This refers to the fact that the end result/amount will be double ("twice as much as") what it would have been.

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