There would be no selective reduction.


There will be no selective reduction.

The meaning of both sentences is the same. So why should we use would instead of will?

2nd sentence

I would say that I prefer tea to coffee.

Here why should we use would?

As per this link we should use will for the more realistic conditions. Then what about are going to. I read that going to use for sure and certain conditions. Like They are going to throw a party next week is more certain than They will throw a party next week. Now which one I will use? will, are going to or would?

Thank You.

  • Context is everything. In your first example, would might be indirect speech, reporting "will" with would, the back-shifted tense of will used in a direct quote. Little difference in meaning there. But would has a wide variety of modal meanings (i.e., those not related to tense and time). Go here: ell.stackexchange.com/a/87940/105719. One of those meanings is preference. – user105719 Jan 15 at 9:07

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