If anyone had ever attended engineering classes which I attended, one common feature she would find among them is: they were exhaustingly boring. Each minute would feel like ages. It would feel like he is tied to a pole and is forced to watch a flopped movie that failed to recoup even a quarter of its budget. Writings on the boards or texts on the slides would appear as hieroglyphs, and lectures would sound like Klingon. If he was unlucky enough to be able to hang on to that long enough, he would be able to see the worst part, and that is a quivery feeling of culpability. This feeling will instantly inundate his mind originating from the fear that he must have been remiss during her previous study years, and that is the reason why he is not being able to grasp the lectures.

Are the bolded-italic auxiliary verbs used with correct tenses?

Kindly tell me why and/or why not.

  • Please edit your post, pick one problem, and tell us what you think and why. Otherwise, this is too broad and could be considered a request for proofreading (which are off-topic). Please see the help center for on-topic questions. – Em. Jan 15 at 3:33

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