Today I read the following sentence in the newspaper:

"If you have noticed boys who play gully cricket, you would have figured out how they...."

Now I have to ask:

  1. Is it a correct conditional sentence. If yes, which conditional type?

  2. Is it a mixed conditional sentence?

  3. If it's incorrect, what is the correct form for the same expression of idea?

  • The sentence is a mixture, so it's not clear what you want to say. Are you talking about something that could happen, or a hyporthetical situation that could never happen? – JavaLatte Jan 16 at 5:57
  • @JavaLatte I'm not talking anything. I read the sentence in the newspaper. My question is a simple one: is it a correct conditional sentence? Please respond if only you can understand the question. Regards. – user343802 Jan 16 at 7:16

No, it isn't correct; there is an inconsistency in the use of tenses. It should be EITHER "If you have noticed... you will have figured out"

OR "If you had noticed... you would have figured out".

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  • Thanks a lot. I had similar ideas, but wanted to confirm with someone competent. – user343802 Jan 18 at 4:34

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