I know that the opposite of 'open' for door is 'closed'. While 'close' means near. But I found a sentence while reading a novel that says:

He heard the door to the private room open and close quietly

I hope someone will help me to understand why the author used close instead of closed here.

Thank you in advance!

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    The "active" verb in your context is heard (which would be conjugated differently in Present Tense, as He hears the door... The verbs open and close are "bare infinitives" (base verb form without the "infinitive marker" to). Same as John shouted, as opposed to I heard John shout. Jan 19, 2020 at 14:42

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The verbs are open and close. I open a door, then I close the door. Doors open and close. The past participles are opened and closed.

The adjectives are open and closed. The door is open or is closed.

(Note that "close" can also be an adjective, but with a different meaning, namely the opposite of far. "The door is close" means the door is nearby, not far away. Although spelled the same, it is pronounced differently, with an unvoiced "s" instead of voiced as in "close (the door)".)

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