knot: a join made by tying together two pieces or ends of string, rope, etc.

to tie a knot

Tie the two ropes together with a knot.

Tie a knot in the rope.

(figurative) hair full of knots and tangles (= twisted in a way that is difficult to comb)

a tangled knot of arms and legs

Sailors had to know lots of different knots.

Look at this balloon,

enter image description here

People blow air into the balloon & then tie its end to prevent the air escaping from it.

Do we call it a knot?

  • I'm curious, is there a reason you thought this shouldn't be called a knot? It also seems like a quick web search could have easily answered this. – TypeIA Jan 20 at 6:08

Yes, the configuration of the balloon's material that prevents the air from escaping from the balloon does count as a knot.

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