I need to check which of the following has correct grammar

Basically I have to create new web page, I am asking query that can I go doing same

1: Have we to make a new page for the same?
2: Shall we make a new page for it?
3: Should we make new page for it?

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    Do you mean "I am asking if I can go on doing the same thing"? Of your three alternatives, (2) and (3) are both acceptable. (1) is grammatical, but no native speaker would express it like that. – Kate Bunting Jan 20 at 8:59

All three are correct and mean almost the same thing. It is more a question of formality and intonation.

I have never hear anyone talk like (1). We do no use that in speech often.

The two last ones are correct but (2) has a more distant and formal tone.

You should use (3), it is the type of language people expect to hear.

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