Is the following grammatical and idiomatic (verb directly follow why) for both writing and speaking english

Why study english?

Why go home early?

As I normally use the following format:

Why we need to study english?

Why we need to go home early?

  • I am not going to provide a formal answer because there is an aspect that I am unsure of. What I am sure about is that "Why study English" is grammatical and idiomatic but rare and that "Why we need to study English" is ungrammatical if intended as a question. The usual way to ask that question is "Why do we study English?" What I am unsure of is what circumstances lead to using the rare form of question instead of the common form of question. Sorry for being unable to give a complete answer. – Jeff Morrow Jan 21 at 0:53

They are simply shorter ways of asking those questions, which could have I, you or we as subject.

"Why study English when Spanish would be more useful to you?" (note that names of languages take a capital letter).

"Why go home early when the party's just getting started?"

Incidentally, your longer versions should be "Why do we need to...?"

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