Inspired to this sentence:


I want to create my own, this is my current work:

You {verb}, I {verb}. I makes a difference.

Example usage to that sentence template:

You {sleep}, I {pray}. I makes a difference.

You {are sleeping}, I {am working}. I makes a difference.

Is my sentence template sound good? thanks in advance.


I would change one thing in your examples:

You {verb}, I {verb}. I MAKE a difference.

The word make, when used with I in the present tense is make. If you used the word “he” or “she” makes would then be correct.

-I make a difference.

-He makes a difference

You do not need the “s” in your template.

  • ouh, what about without subject? for example in a brand tagline, it say "[BRAND NAME]. [make/s] a difference" should I use make or makes? – Engkus Kusnadi Jan 23 '20 at 2:16

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