please guide me if DO is transitive or ibtransitive. please provide reason.

A half cup of coffee will do for me.


  • A verb is only transitive if it has a direct object. In the PP "for me", "me" is the object of the preposition "for", not the object of the verb "do". So in your example "do" is intransitive. – BillJ Jan 23 '20 at 9:16

A transitive verb has a direct object, either directly following the verb:

I ate the pie ("the pie" is the direct object of "ate")

Transitive verbs can be put into the passive voice, in which case grammatical subject in the passive voice is the direct object:

The pie was eaten.

or in initial position in a "wh" question:

What did you eat? ("what" is the direct object)

A verb with only an indirect object (usually a preposition phrase) is not transitive:

I ate on the bus.

So you must decide if there is a direct object in the sentence

[A half cup of coffee] [will do] [for me].

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