I have a network. I want to divide this network into several domains. The first version of this sentence that I have written is like this:

The network is partitioned into several domains.

I want to rewrite this sentence and use another verb instead of "partition". I have looked for the synonyms and I have found "segregate" and "divide". I want to know which one can exactly convey the meaning here? Or is there any other alternative.

  • "segmented" sounds more fitting, I guess..? – user108119 Jan 29 at 15:08

There are several possible alternatives to partitioned:

  • Your initial choice of divide (to separate into groups or parts or sections) is perfectly serviceable.
  • If you're intending to convey distance between the various domains, you may wish to use the word separate (to keep apart or divide).
  • @user108119 has a suggestion of segment (to separate or divide into segments) that would also work, with an implication that these are elements that have natural subdivisions.

That being said, your original word choice of partition is perfectly reasonable as it implies logical subdivisions, so you may not wish to use a different word in the first place.

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