I don't know why the need to use 'takes" and not "take"? Can somebody tell me why??

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    Because takes is the third person singular of the verb! Bullying takes place. The cat sits on the mat. – Kate Bunting Jan 29 at 17:54
  • Because bullying is a singular noun. Usually thought of as an "uncountable noun", so you won't often encounter the plural bullyings (which my spell-checker underlines as "probably a mistake"). – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica Jan 29 at 17:54

English verbs have singular and plural forms. The third person singular form of the verb 'to take' is 'takes' - he takes, she takes, it takes. We use the singular form when talking about one single thing or person. Bullying when discussed as a subject is a singular noun.

Subject - verb agreement

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